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Nikolaus Tournament

by Florian Schulz

The St. Nicholas Tournament of our youth group was held once more this year. There was both a group with bogu and a non-bogu group

Both groups fought hard for the placements and everyone did their best. But in the end Julian was able to prevail in the bogu group and Lars in the non-bogu group. Fortunately there were prizes for everyone.

Kyu examination

by Florian Schulz

On december 4th a kyu examination under 2G+ requirements was held in Recklinghausen. All examinees passed sucessfully-

  • Lennart for the 6th Kyu
  • James for the 6th Kyu
  • Manuel for the 6th Kyu
  • Konrad for the 4th Kyu
  • Julian for the 3th Kyu

Congratulations to all candidates