1. What kinds of personal data do we collect?

1.1 Association administration

The association’s board collects the following data

  • Name, gender, date and place of birth, nationality. These data is required to issue the kendo pass and used for internal statistics. Furthermore, according to your age, the membership fee might vary (there is a children’s discount).
  • Contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address)
  • Bank details. For the SEPA direct debit mandate we need your bank details. We will use them to charge you for membership or rental fees.
  • Association data (kendo grade, kendo pass number, date of joining and leaving). This data is required for tournament registration and statistics (of this association)

1.2 Website

1.2.1 General information

Our website, koelnkendo.de, can be used without providing personal data. We will not collect any personal data of website visitors. Our internet service provider, Hosteurope GmbH, automatically collects internet connection data (“server log”). Further information on this kind of data is provided on the internet service provider’s website.

1.2.2 Photos

On our website, you will find photographs of tournaments, seminars and training units. We generally assume that all association members, who partake in above mentioned events, agree on being photographed and on publishing those pictures on our website. In case you do not agree with this, please contact our association board via e-mail (vorstand@koelnkendo.de).

2. How do we use personal data?

  • We will forward bank details to our bank (Sparkasse Köln Bonn) to set-up the SEPA direct debit mandates for processing membership fees or rental fees.
  • When we sign up members for tournaments or seminars, we will forward the necessary data (usually: name, date of birth, kendo grade and pass number) to the association in charge of the respective event.

Apart from the above mentioned exceptions, this association will not forward any personal data, or data of companies or organizations to external parties.

We will provide all members with contact details. Additionally, our association is required to regularly report member statistics to some organizations (e.g. Stadt Köln, Landessportbund NRW, Nordrhein-Westfälischer Kendoverband). These statistics are anonymous.

All members or former members can send written requests of access to his or her personal data record to: vorstand@koelnkendo.de

3. Data deletion

One year after the last bank transaction (SEPA direct debit mandate to pay for membership or rental fees, or after having received any refunds) and after leaving our association, we will delete your data. However, we are required by law to keep any official receipts for longer than one year.

A former association’s member can request complete deletion of his or her personal data record. The earliest such requests can be made is one year after the last bank transaction has been made. The request has to be made in writing and addressed to the association’s board members.