The Kendo Dojo Köln e.V. was founded in 1978. Its designated purpose is to offer its members the possibility to learn and practice kendo. Furthermore, this association promotes kendo as a culture of the body and the mind, and thus strives to contribute to and deepen the friendship between Japan and Germany.

Our association is a registered non-profit organization, which is represented by an elected board. We are a member of the Nordrhein-Westfälischer Kendoverband e.V. and therefore, part of the Deutscher Kendobund e.V., and the European Kendo Federation. We are also a member of the Stadtbezirks-Sportverband Köln-Lindenthal e.V., of the Stadtsportbund Köln e.V., and the Landessportbund Nordrhein-Westfahlen e.V.

Presently, our association has about 100 members.

Regularly, we have the honor of high-ranking sensei (masters) (e.g. from Japan) visiting us. They will lead the training for the time of their stay.

We believe the success of Kendo Dojo Köln e.V. members during local, federal and national championships to be proof of our high-quality training. For years, members of the Kendo Dojo Köln e.V. fight in the national team, which represents our country at European and world championships.