The monthly membership fee amounts to 12€ for grown-ups. Children under 18 years of age are charged half this fee.

Membership fees are being paid quarterly. In addition to the basic monthly membership fee, each member also has to pay for the Jahressichtmarke (a stamp which is yearly being issued by the German Kendo Federation (DKenB) to validate the kendo pass) at the cost of 22,5€ p.a., and for the yearly membership fee of the federal kendo association (NWKV) at the cost of 17,5€ p.a. In case you join the Kendo Dojo Köln e.V. in the second half of a year, you will be only charged half of the amount of those yearly fees, i.e. 20€ in total.

The fee for the kendo pass amounts to 20€, which you have to pay only once after you have joined the Kendo Dojo Köln e.V. (For the issue of your kendo pass, please contact the board within three months after you joined the association.) Payment will be made by SEPA direct debit mandate quarterly, at the end of each quarter. If you are a new member, the yearly membership fees to the DKenB and NWKV will be charged with the first quarterly payment.

Attention: Payment of your membership fees is only feasible by SEPA direct debit mandate. Any other types of payment are simply too time consuming for our treasurer!

Rental fee for kendo armor

The rental fee for an armor (Men, Do, Kote, Tare + transport bag) or parts thereof is €10/month in the first year of rental, thereafter €15/month. It is billed quarterly along with the membership fee. Children and may borrow Keiko-gi and hakama for free against a deposit fee.