Q: Kendo – Isn’t that dangerous and unhealthy?

A: No. Serious injuries during kendo practice are the exception. Bruises are very common. In the beginning, you might even get blistered feet, because you are not used to barefoot training. Even your hands might get blistered at the beginning.

Bruises and blisters will disappear eventually and become a lot rarer with regular practice. Kendo practice improves:

  • physical fitness
  • posture
  • attentiveness
  • power of concentration
  • reaction speed
  • discipline
  • determination
  • responsibility
  • autonomy
  • respect for others

Q: Is it even worth considering starting kendo at the age of 38?

A: Age doesn’t matter. One is never too old, to take the first step!

Q: Whom should I email to, if I’m interested in kendo?

A: You can directly email to our board members. They will tell you when the next beginner’s course will start.

Q: What should I bring to my first test training?

A: 1. Sportswear (t-shirt, long shorts if you have them). 2. Shoes are not needed. 3. Body wash and a towel for afterwards.

Q: I’m on vacation / on a business trip in Germany. Can I train with you?

A: Of course, guests are always welcome!

Some of your questions haven’t been answered here? Email our board members or trainers for further inquiries.